Be a Part Of the Solution

While the Rainbow River is suffering from a multitude of problems, that also means there are many ways all of us can do our part to help.

Do your part!

Financial Support

Cleaning all 5.7 miles of the river is no small feat and it will have a big price tag. We hope to seek fundings from the State Legislature, however we have to show that we are dedicated and have the ability to see this project through to the end. All funds raised will help demonstrate our community’s commitment. Each dollar will help us advance our mission to restore the Rainbow River.

Other ways to support One Rake At A Time:

Art Jones is an asset to our county. He’s a dreamer, a thinker and a doer. He puts his money where his mouth is. And in a world full of politicians and talking heads, a man of action like Art Jones deserves to be honored. 

— Cortney Stewart, Mar 18, 2017