One Rake At A Time will be requesting support from the city of Dunnellon and Marion County to obtain the survey needed for the necessary permits from the FL DEP and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Once the permits are in hand and the project is shovel ready, funding from the Florida Legislature will be requested next legislative session. We need your help to tell our elected officials to support this important project.

Tips for writing your letter of support

  • Identify your elected officials
  • Personalize your letter if you can – tell them why the river restoration is so important to you, what the Rainbow River means to you, or why you believe in this project
  • Be courteous (you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!)
  • Make it personal. Relate this project to their interest and legislative priorities if you can (are they big on water quality then explain how this helps water quality, are the big on jobs and the economy then explain that a cleaner river will attract more visitors which is good for the local economy and creates jobs, etc.)
  • Keep it short

Sample Letter

Please copy and paste all or parts of the letter below and be sure to personalize who it is being sent to.

Dear Representative/Senator/Commissioner ___________

I am writing to urge you to support the efforts of One Rake At A Time, a local 501(c)(3), that is dedicated to restoring and protecting the Rainbow River. The Rainbow River is a gem of the nature coast, bringing in tourists from around the world. It is a vital piece of our local economy and our ecosystem.

However, our beautiful river is in trouble. It has the highest level of nitrates of any spring in central Florida. The lower river is seriously impaired with massive amounts of invasive plants (hydrilla) and algae choking out our once pristine river. Left unchecked it can slowly smother the whole river. We need to fix this problem now before it gets any worse. Currently the only action taken has been to spray herbicides on these invasive plants but this is exasperating the problem. These dead plants fall to the bottom, rot, turn to muck, and further smother our river bottom.

The solution is to remove the decades of muck, replant it with native plants that can outcompete the invasive species and algae, and ensure this river never needs poison again to maintain it. I urge you to give One Rake At A Time your full support and fund this necessary project. You can learn more by visiting their website:

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your name and address/contact info